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India is a country which is blessed by nature with all its bounties making it a much sought destination amongst the tourist from all over the world.
Peninsular India is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, where the blue hues of the sea and sky meet with the red cliffs and coconut palm trees. Here the land and sea have together created unspoiled beaches along the 7,500 km long coast line. Both the west and east coasts of India offer panoramic stretches of luxuriant palms, golden sands and imposing rocks that break the majestic waves that lash against them.
Some of these beaches have five star tourist facilities and are ranked among the top beaches of the world. Here during the day you can laze on the warm sand, swim and dive and try snorkeling, sea cruising, and other water sports. You can shop and dine the local cuisines to have a great experience. In the evening beach parties liven up the atmosphere with music, dancing and exotic cuisines.
Goa offers the best holiday villages on its beaches, exuding an old world charm with their Portuguese culture. The blue coastline of Kovalam in Kerala, lined with swaying coconut palm trees and dotted with an occasional fishing hamlet is fast developing into one of the world's best string of beaches. The islands of Andaman, Nicobar and the Lakshadweep, are as famous for their tribal culture and colonial settlements, as for their coral reefs.
It's true that India does have some incredibly scenic beaches that offer everything from action to solitude where you can only hear the sound of the rushing waves, feel the cool touch of the tropical breeze and rediscover yourself.
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